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But he also brought a pair of bikeshorts, my absolute favorite type of underwear, both pairs of which he had worn for at least a full day. I'm jerking myself furiously Both of us only had one thing on our minds apparently. He stuffed it into the water bottle and took a slow sexy leak, moving the bottle up and down the shaft of his cock. I met one guy a couple weeks ago, from another similar ad I put up. After he finished I began licking his piss slit and a couple of final spurts of urine came out and I swallowed them.

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I only wish he had cologne, Joop or Gaultier, my two favorites, but he didn't wear them. Some More Stuff Warning: He climbed on the bed and pushed me back into the pillows, and jumped up on my chest with his bulge right in my face. Then he turned around lifted his leg and commanded me to smell his ass hole, then ordered me to put his jockstrap on him. I went back and waited on the bleachers. I lick his dick for a little while, smelling his balls, rubbing all over his body and my own. We pulled up two blocks from school and I got out.

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After class he handed it to me. I turned my head and saw a nice-looking stud come up to the urinal next to me, and proceed to take out his cock. This story is completely fictional! I went back and waited on the bleachers. It hung almost down to his knees. Now scratch them with your teeth.

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